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    gargoyle pour MahJong Connect (ID du jeu: 1037) 09-07-2012 à 12:09

    Ii'm stuck on level 8 and 9, so i jut practice for a while.

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    gargoyle pour Hardest Fart king Bros (ID du jeu: 9200) 10-06-2012 à 17:59

    what a great relief !!! ,,,, other, sounds like "beans, the musical fruit" should be the background music !

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    gargoyle pour Pocas Adventure (ID du jeu: 8306) 10-06-2012 à 16:34

    the bugs are fun,, make more arrows available, like a packet of 5 or 10 at a time

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    gargoyle pour Mahjong Connect 3 (ID du jeu: 8888) 02-06-2012 à 00:45

    i don't understand rules of how to break the chains on the chapter 2,, i'm stuck, i had only 2 pieces left , they both have chains/ cage on them, i can't see what they look like. wah!

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    gargoyle pour Magic Smash Hammer (ID du jeu: 9662) 29-05-2012 à 20:39

    the game is not loading for me, it shows 100% but does not give me a playing "board" to work on. this is all the games, thanks

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    gargoyle pour Monkey Go Happy 5 (ID du jeu: 9629) 25-05-2012 à 16:39

    the walk-through was ok, but the game stuck at scene 3 for me. ugh

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    gargoyle pour Mahjong Connect 3 (ID du jeu: 8888) 17-05-2012 à 12:10

    Réponse à @zoukchou:
    they told me to use the bird totems to break chains,,,, good luck, i'm still learning.

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    gargoyle pour Mahjong Connect 3 (ID du jeu: 8888) 16-05-2012 à 21:12

    the chains will break how? i can't see the numbers underneath the chains,,,, there are no instructions to this level thanks

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    gargoyle pour Slime Castle (ID du jeu: 9359) 11-05-2012 à 20:11

    i like it but, there are very few instructions.... it's not as easy as a kid game, and it's almost fun to play

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